"Growth is never by mere chance. It is the result of forces working together ".  James Cash Penney
Day Treatment Center​


The TYAP Day Treatment Center provides each child with individualized programs, based on his or her specific needs. A treatment team, including the Clinical Director, Case Supervisor, and Behavior Therapists are assigned to work with each child daily.

TYAP's comprehensive treatment programs are designed to provide each child with all the skills needed to be successful in all environments.  This includes remediating not only behavioral difficulties, but also improving language processing and expression, cognitive functioning, academics, daily living skills, and socialization.  TYAP creates structured scenarios to imitate real-life situations , such as being in the classroom, interacting with peers, playing appropriately with siblings and family members, and separating easily from caregivers.  We work with each child in a step-by-step manner to increase language and social skills, strengthen academic skills, encourage independence, and foster creativity.

Parent Directed Program

For families where location is a problem (e.g. out of the Houston area), parent directed programs are a great option.  Under our careful support and supervision, parents can recruit and manage their own teams composed of local individuals, typically consisting of 3-5 therapists.

TYAP will provide programming consultation, therapist training, and treatment monitoring for the family. Live and video observation is used to monitor treatment fidelity.  The whole process is supported and closely monitored to ensure success.  Remote services are available for individuals living outside of the Houston area, including in other parts of the country and internationally.  Contact us directly to see how we can help you no matter where you live.



Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)  consultation services are available.  These include reviews of diagnostic evaluation reports, treatment plans, and treatment implementation.


Dr. Harris and TYAP Supervisors are very well experienced in services for children on the spectrum and can provide honest and objective information to assist families.

TYAP is also available to consult with private schools, school districts, or other treatment providers as needed.  Presentations can also be arranged for training and community outreach purposes.

School Services


TYAP can assist with appropriate school selection, assistance with school ARDs, Independent Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA), Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), school transitions, and shadowing.


Dr. Harris and TYAP Supervisors have worked with many Houston area school districts and private schools for many years to help families through what is often a complex process.



Comprehensive psychological evaluations for diagnostic and treatment response monitoring are available through TYAP. More targeted evaluations, such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Specific Learning Disability, and Emotional Disturbance evaluations are also available.

Standardized direct testing, observation, and parent report data are integrated in a thorough descriptive report, including specific treatment recommendations where appropriate.   Feedback is presented in person allowing for families to have assistance in interpreting the finding and understanding how the results can be used to positively influence treatment.

Rehabilitation Services


Young children can sometimes regress in functioning due to seizures or other conditions. After the debilitating condition has been addressed, language, neurological, and motor functioning can often be restored through ABA rehabilitation methods. 


TYAP has vast experience in assisting such children regain skills they have lost.

ADHD Evaluation and Treatment


TYAP does not solely focus on the treatment of ASD.  Behavioral programs are also highly effective for the treatment of ADHD, often without the need for accompanying medication.  

The best course of action is to begin with a thorough diagnostic evaluation.  This will ensure that the correct issues are being treated, and will help guide the specific nature of treatment.  Once an ADHD diagnosis has been made, a specially tailored treatment program will be created to address the issues specific to your child's needs. 



Because TYAP is owned and operated by clinical psychologists, we offer an added level of support throughout the treatment process.  Family counseling is available to help siblings and parents learn how to better communicate with each other and the child and treatment.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is also provided for higher-functioning children who would benefit from additional help in dealing with anxiety stemming from changes in routine or specific social problems.  All therapy services are provided by PhD level clinical psychologists.

Speech Services

Acquiring language skills and utilizing them appropriately are often primary challenges for individuals with ASD and related disorders.  We have a full-time Speech Pathologist on staff to provide services aimed at improving speech functioning.  

Feeding Programs

For most children, eating is a routine part of each day; however some children experience feeding issues that go beyond common pickiness. The complexities that arise can create stress not only for the child, but for the entire family.  TYAP offers individualized feeding programs supervised by a licensed speech pathologist.